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a private homepage providing information, service and tools free of charge about flight simulation and real world aviation:


- The free Company Route Generator converts flight plans ready to load to your PMDG B744 FMC!


- Download the freeware scenery "Mogadishu X3" by Ramadan Ahmed & Marc Westhofen


- Find several useful modifications for the PMDG B744 and Ultimate Traffic 2.


- Learn about the real world flight plan format.


- Look up dozens of aviation definitions and explanations from the Aviation Glossary or by simply moving the mouse cursor over marked terms or abbreviations.


Best regards

Marc Westhofen




Mogadishu X3.1 will be released soon. This will be the final version for FSX without any further support.


Beside real world aviation the flight simulation focus will completely change to X-Plane 10. However: All FSX features already presented on this website will remain available.


I intent to rebuild the Mogadishu scenery for X-Plane 10 which will take some time. A release date is not yet in sight.


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